Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hate hatred?

I hate...

  • when i need to start all over again
  • when i need to eat alone
  • when there is nobody to lean on
  • when there is nobody to talk with
  • when there is meeting, but i love the lunch meeting (the lunch part ONLY)
  • when i have no friends
  • when i have no money,of course
  • him, her and them
  • peria and pickle(tetibe!)
  • messy room
  • my housemate!hate her damn much...
  • waiting
  • being hungry
  • this nosy women (no need to mention her name)
  • Times square, Jusco, BB plaza, Midvalley when my pay not in yet!
  • and..when  i get my pay late!huh!

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